We manufacture and export a wide range of high precision Electronic Weighbridges and solutions.


Electronic Mechanical Weighbridge

MODEL : EMW - 1800 ( Single Load Cell )
  • Pit mounted structure wherein platform is usually flushed to the ground.
  • Assembled on civil foundation within the pit.
  • Manufactured by Inserting a single load cell on transfer lever.
  • Intelligent Terminal system OR PC based RS 232 – RS – 485 systems are available.
  • Auto calibration facility available .
  • LAN system available.
  • Accuracty - 0.02%.
  • Fully Mechanical Weighbridges are converted to fully electronic weighbridges by replacing the whole lever system by 4, 6, or 8 Load cells with minor modifications in foundation.
  • We provide auto jumbo display facility without connecting cable from indicator to Jumbo display.
  • Connection to printer, scanner or other perihherel facility is also avaible.
  • Analogue output.
  • Eliminating human error and better controll on data processing.
  • In single load cell system, costly load cells are eliminated and therefore economical.
  • AMBIKA'S in-house design expertise and experience which helps in suggesting most suitable design for conversion.
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