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Concrete Weighbridge

Concrate Weighbridge : Model : FULLY CWB - 6300
Features and advantages
  • Fast and economical Installation.
  • Excellent levels of corrosion protection through shot – blasting and , epoxy painting.
  • These weighbridges enables throughputs of bulk materials and are designed to keep installation, maintenance and operations as simple as possible even in the saline and corrosive environment.
  • "AMBIKA'S concrete Truck scales are available in capacities ranging from 10 to 150 Tons with platform sizes 2 mtr. X 2 mtr. to 25 mtr x 6 mtr.
  • The steel frame of this weighbridge is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • The production system ensures impeceable focus to the performance of the product and faster response to customer’s needs.
  • As compared to steel platform weighbridges, concrete weighbridges are maintenance free and economical as it does not require painting every year, the parts do not get rusted, absorbs more vibrations, capacity can be increased without using extra material, no bending of steel structure, more stable due to heavy mass structure, no effect of lightening.
  • Most suitable for using longer trucks and trailers like "Volvo" which are capable of carrying heavy payloads
  • There is saving of transportation as the construction of the concrete platform is casted on the foundation at site.
  • Vehicle movement is arrested due to rough surface of the platform.
  • Due to above reasons, 90% of electronic weighbridges are manufactured with concrete platform in the developed world.
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