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Rail & Truck Weighbridge

RAIL AND TRUCK WEIGHBRIDGE : MODEL : R&T : 9018 / Features and Advantages :
  • The Comboweigh Rail and Truck weighbridges from “Ambika” is able to weigh both types of Vehicles on a single surface, saving time and money.
  • This Heavy Duty Rail and Truck weighbridge is designed to stand upto the harshest out door conditions while maintaining accuracy and dependability.
  • These weighbridges are available in either steel or concrete to suit the requirement of the application, with heavy, wide flange steel beams to assure structural integrity.
  • The combo weigh Rail and Truck weighbridges are suitable for industries like Agriculture, Manufacturing Steel scrap and Recycling, coal & mining etc.
  • Rail weighbridge is crucial in virtually every aspect of rail operation, from avoiding overloading penalties.
  • Approximate 100 Mtrs straight Track on either side of weighbridge.
  • The Track at both end of the weighbridge of 100 Mtrs. is desired to be level tangent with gradient not exceeding "1 in 300".
  • Points of crossing up to a distance of about 100 Mtrs of both end of the weighbridge are needed to be avoided.
  • Concrete sleepers upto 100 Mtrs & RCC base atleast 20 Mtrs on either side of the track should be well ballistic and settled at both end.
  • Non weighing speed should not be more than 25 Kmp.
  • The load cell based in - motion weighing system consists of 4 load cells, weighbridge with prefabricated supporting structure and rail approaches. The load cells are strain gauge based electrical signal with very high accuracy and stability. Wagon movement on the weighbridge is identified by Track switches placed on either side of bridges, to detect the direction, type of wagon, start and stop weighment.
  • Track Sensors / Switches are placed along the approach and Weigh rails in a manner that 4 axle, 2 axle and engine movement can generate a fixed pattern to initiate the weighing cycle.
  • Since the foot print of rail wheel is 300 mm, a set of proximity sensors are placed with a set of stainless steel rod at a distance of 100 mm( a distance between first and second arm of track switch ), so that the train movement can operate and will generate a forward track logic pattern.
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