• These weighbridges are ideal for low – cost weighing solution and are manufactured from M.S. Levers, supported by heavy duty Girders, M.S. stripped plates which is bolted with beams.
  • Five lever or Mutilever system is available, depending upon capacity & length of the platform.
  • Multilever system minimizes cost of civil construction, reduces freight and installation of labour cost. multilever system has a longer life as the load on the platform is distributed over a greater number of knives and bearings.
  • These weighbridges are manufactured according to IS specifications and other relevant specifications of weights and Measures Act and rules.


  • Dust Free steelyard Box.
  • Stainless steel numbering blade.
  • HCHC Knives & Bearings.
  • Seats & Swings from one piece profile cutting plate.
  • M.S. Fabricated levers.
  • Accurate notches of Steelyard on milling machine.
  • Occupies less space as the ramps are not required on either side.
  • Easier replacement of parts.
  • The index strip is suitably inclined for easy reading.
  • Robust in construction with ample safety margin above weighing capacity.
  • All metal parts have two coats of good Bitumen paints.