• “AMBIKA” is the first and only company to introduce Mobile Weighbridges in Gujarat, India.
  • These weighbridges are designed to be installed quickly anywhere there is a need for on-site truck weighing and surface mounted.
  • These quickly installed Mobile weighbridges do not need permanently built foundations, but only a fairly horizontal level and strong concrete floor, eliminating costly site preparation and reducing installation time to a mater of hours.
  • Thease weighbridges are completely supplied with ramps which are steel fabricated and therefore do not need traditional cement foundation. The top plate and Bottom frame are steel fabricated and the load cell are installed between top frame and bottom frame which rests on traditional foundation.
  • Due to easy ransportation, cost saving and reducing installation time these weighbridges are mostly used by road transportation company, Forestry, Quarries, Military and Agriculture industries.
  • No mechanical operation is required and the “Weights” is instantaneously indicated on Big display for facility of operator.