Focusing on regular preventive maintenance, Keeps your equipment working trouble free at maximum efficiency and reduces the likelihood of emergency breakdowns. Our service technicians will work with you to identify potential issues before they arise to ensure that your equipment is running reliably and accurately. Therefore, we advice to contact only a reputable company for servicing your weighing machines. We have the experience of 47 years and we stock a large range of spare parts to ensure a quick service round the clock.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract( AMC )
  • We undertake AMC with following Terms and conditions at an extra charges.
  • With Spares / Without Spares.
  • With Stamping / Without Stamping by Weights & Measures department.
  • Only visit charges to check the weighbridge.
  • Charges for four preventive visits in equal time during the contract period and also emergency visit on as and when called basis.
  • Dismantaling and re-installing of the existing weighbridge in case of change of location.
  • Load cells, Junction Box, Indicator, Jumbo display, cards etc. accessiories are available from ready stock at an extra charges.



  • To approach the weighbridge slowly and to minimize entry and exit Speeds to below 5 Kph.
  • To avoid sudden breaking on the weighbridge which may cause shock loading on the load cells and travel restrains.


  • To check the cleanliness of weighbridge every two months. Any useless material, above and beneath the weighbridge will reduce the life of weighbridge and its components of weighbridge.
  • To inspect the Load cells and loadcell assemblies for damage and regreased periodically. The weighbridge calibration should also be checked regularly and to be adjusted by a licenced repairer.
  • To disconnect the power while electrical disturbance and thereby reduce the risk of electrical components, suffering from damage due to lightning strikes
  • To provide an independent, single phase power supply of 230 VAC inside the weighbridge room. Please do not use generator or heavy power from main line which shares a line with starting motors and other current machinery.
  • To avoid welding on the weighbridge Deck as welding involves the transfer of a high currents and can easily destroy the delicate circuits of electronic equipment.