• A durable and reliable on-board weighing system from “AMBIKA” ensures overloading of tippers/wagons and improves process efficiency. The fact that it is a digital system, it has less cabling than others, having no junction box and therefore, clay, moisture, dust will not cause it to fail. The need for instant load verification has become critical for companies that need to be more efficient in hauling, determine profit/loss with each load,eliminate overweight fines while maximizing each load and monitor potential wear on equipment.


  • It consists of a very high capacity pressure transuders which are fixed to the inlet port of the vehicle’s lifting cylinder. The hydraulic pressure in the lifting cylinder is proportional to the load carried in the bucket.The output of the pressure transducer is connected to the Indicator. The Indicator displays the weight of material in the bucket and totalizes this weight reading. This totalized quantity is subtracted from the target load which is set by the operator. This allows the operator to control the quantity of material into the wagon in the final stages of loading , thereby avoiding over-loads. The data can be transferred from the loader weighing module, to a PC with a pen driver.


  • Robust digital system with no junction boxes ensures minimal downtime.
  • Prevents over-loading / under-loading of trucks/wagons.
  • Quick data transfer from weighing module to printer, PC and memory card.
  • Easy Installation and maintenance.
  • Eliminate overweight fines.
  • Increase revenue, operational efficiency and Driver Retention.
  • Designed to work on all models of loaders and excavator available world wide.
  • Saves time and fuel, on load correction re-runs by trucks.
  • No more premature wear damages caused by overloads.